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Data Backup in Web 2.0

I've really been thinking a lot about backup these days, mostly home backup. I presently have critical files distributed across several computers and occasionally burn a CD or DVD. Note to self: take CDs/DVDs to dad's house. If the house burns down, the photos and website code/files will be safe, albeit slightly outdated.

It seems inevitable that remotely hosted storage will be commonplace in the future. For consumers, this storage will probably be a subset of what they store locally, but for small companies or teams doing collaborative work, that may not be the case. Sure, I bet the big players in online storage will have a way to handle disk failures without losing data. But what if a company that hosts your data goes out of business or enters a legal dispute with your usage? What if your password was compromised and someone maliciously destroyed your files? If you are a big customer for the online storage company, you may be able to get some attention to have the data recovered, but I doubt end-users will have a loud enough voice.

What you need is a third party to backup your online storage needs. The real plus is that you don't have to commit personal bandwidth to facilitate this backup. It would be done from one remote host to another. You could have different price plans for volume and frequency combinations. With this kind of remotely hosted redundancy, you could free up some of that disk space locally and, more importantly, begin to work in Office 2.0 with the piece of mind knowing that your primary data source (remote storage cloud) is being backed up (and you are in control of the backup service).

With respect to Office 2.0, you could have these remote sources replicate each other on a frequent basis so that should one go done, your office doesn't have to. Given that gmail goes down more often than it should, this type of user-controlled redundancy will be important when you try to run a company with only Office 2.0.

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