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January 20, 2006

The Tooth Fairy

toothfairy.gif Bryce lost another tooth today. The going rate is $5. Yes, $5. You see, it turns out that after Bryce lost his first tooth, the tooth fairy only had a 20 on hand. That's all ATMs give out late at night. Needless to say Bryce was very pleased and everyone he told about it was quite surprised. Immediately after Bryce would say "twenty dollars" his audience would announce the going rate for deciduous teeth during their child hood. We told him that the first tooth is special, and that he probably wouldn't get as much for subsequent teeth.

Apparently, the two to four quarters we got as kids won't buy much nowadays. My son has a huge cup full of coins--probably $15 dollars in there, but it doesn't mean as much in little denominations.

$5 for each additional tooth seems like a good compromise.