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Looking for Styles

The default style that comes with Movable Type blows in my opinion. I set off to look for pre-confogured styles to plug in and stumbled across stylecatcher for MT 3.2. No readme in the tarball, but I at least got the cgi files up and running, always remembering to chmod 755, of course. Once you address the cgi manually in the toolbar (am I missing some clue? I think I guessed you had to go to the mt.cgi to start--there has to be an easier way) it then gives you the instructions about where to put the static files and such. Somewhat reminiscent of the initial install of the software.

Once stylecatcher was configured, I somehow wound up with a listing of styles from the sixapart style site and a menu to select the one I wanted. There was a pull down to select the blog to apply to, but the submit button was somehow missing/hidden. I tabbed out of the select menu and hit return hoping something would happen. Sure enough, a message came back saying styles were applied. Pretty easy.

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