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Installing/Configuring Movable Type

After poking around on the web for free blog software, I finally decided to go with movable type. Seemed like mature software with plenty of features and decent UI. Installation was a little convoluted as the jump links in the documentation on their site jumps around with somewhat incorrect anchors. It seems a little strange that all the documentation and even help links from the installed apps link to their site. Nevertheless, installation was much simpler than installing Horde, IMP, or coldfusion 5 on redhat 9. I didn't have to install any additional software. Perl and mysql already installed here and the apache config changes were straightforward.

It turns out Movable Type 3.2 was just released yesterday, and it seems many existing templates/styles are no longer compatible, hopefully because of super cool new features. I don't know how much time I will find to tinker with the css myself--I'd rather just get a decent custom one and make mods to it. Do I really need or have time to learn another proprietary tagging convention? The front end UI is kind of simple--I'd like to do the calendar thing and make the trackback come after the comments. What the hell is trackback anyway? I'll google it later...

I've turned my back on blogs for some time--I've been creating web pages for 10 years, so what is all the fuss? This will also be my first public site, so that is a little bit of a change. Anyway, at this point, this is just an experiment.

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