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Dude, where's my Calendar?

OK, so I am a little happier with the latest style I applied, but most of the screenshots of the movable type style library show the calendar that you come to expect on blogs. I've scoured the plugins directory and the system settings in the software and no calendar options. Somehow I found a support page mentioning the calendar for 3.2. Turns out, the calendar slowed down page rebuilding. Solution to performance bottleneck--you guessed it--remove it from 3.2 templates. They give you the code to add it back in on your templates, but at this point I think I'll only break something. A task I will attempt on another day.

It seems like it would have been pretty easy to just zip up a prebuilt folder and a configure script like most other linux installs. ./configure, make, make test, make install, done. Of course, that would mean they would have to have a true INSTALL document in the zip and not just an html page (which I had to relocate to a web browse-able location to read to find out the URL of their online documentation). These days you only actually open the installation documentation when you get a problem with the configure or make commands.

Still, not bad for legitimately free software.

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